Conservation Projects

Students Taking Action

Projects to Build a
Conservation Mindset

Let’s inspire the next generation to take action. As students brainstorm – and craft – Conservation Projects, they gain valuable skills, like design thinking. By engage students in caring about their local watershed and environment it motivates them to take action to protect it. Activities shared here can be used as a springboard to engage students in completing a Conservation Project, turning their ideas about the importance of healthy ecosystems into actions that help keep their community and watershed a healthy place for all to live.

Together, we can promote a brighter future!

Conservation in the Classroom

Need design thinking ideas for your classroom? Enjoy conservation projects below! With our resources, students can get inspiration, then dream up their own project ideas. We believe that every student can learn how to solve problems like a designer – and a scientist.

Male student looking at laptop with his presentation on pollution

Climate Change

Students learn to observe their environment and how to reduce their carbon footprint. They see how energy consumption, composting, carpooling, and food waste all impact our environment (for better or worse).

Fourth and Fifth grade students sitting at a table displaying their pollution reduction project

Stop the Litter

Giving recycled materials new life! The sometimes forgotten “reuse” in “reduce, reuse, recycle” takes center stage with student inventions made from recycled plastic such as piggy banks, planters and pencil cups. 

Group of five students look over a rainwater collector bin

Water Smart

Water-saving posters around campus, presentations to other classes, and more – these all contribute to a vibrant, conservation-minded school. Students can also create pledges to save water or even create a native plant garden with water-saving techniques.

Hall of Fame

Pioneer Elementary 4th + 5th Graders

Reducing Plastic Pollution

Pioneer Elementary 3rd Graders

School Garden and Composting Program

Pioneer Elementary 4th Graders

Prototypes of Pet Waste Collectors

Pioneer Elementary Students

Don't Pollute Project

Pioneer Elementary 5th Graders

Biodomes Using Recycled Materials

Pioneer Elementary Students

Rainwater Collection

Pioneer Elementary Students

Don't Pollute Project

Lincoln Elementary 3rd Graders

Edible Plant Planters Made From Recycled Materials

Pioneer Elementary 4th Graders

Prototypes of Pet Waste Collectors

Share Your Conservation Project

Send us your Conservation Project – we’d love to see what you’ve dreamed up. If we find it extra-notable, you might see it posted on this page’s Hall of Fame.

Here’s to a cleaner planet!