Nature Collective

Help an organization that keeps local lands + waters protected
— and the community connected!

Connection to nature is universal. It’s a gift that should be accessible to all of us. You will continue to protect nature with the gift of your membership.

Together we conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends—every acre we protect and every creek mile we restore begins with you. 

Alternate Ways to Give

By Mail:
Nature Collective
PO Box 230634
Encinitas, CA 92023-0634

By Phone:
8:30am-4:30pm PT

Your donation helps people:

Coexist with Critters

The special feeling of making eye contact with a bird – or a mule deer analyzing you from across a field – is something Nature Collective protects. We watch over 1,000+ species of plants + animals that are unique to Southern California.

Experience the Coast

When a child on a school field trip tells us that this is her first time at the ocean, we’re motivated to inspire her to keep coming back! Like many children who live upstream or far away, they’re unable to access the coast. We’re changing that as we open the outdoors to everyone.

Connect via More Trails
+ Nature

Donations help Nature Collective save open space. Imagine more lands saved, and more trails connecting our communities. Acquiring lands is the purest form of protecting nature for our future generations.

Unite Friends + Families

With weekend field trips, we invite families + friends to enjoy the outdoors. Thanks to your support, we encourage loving relationships with our rivers, streams, riparian forests, slopes, and seashore.

Nature, A Love Story

When we experience nature, it inspires us.
With mesmerizing grace, it evokes wonder.
In nature, we discover trees, critters. . .ourselves.
We can breathe.
We see things anew.
We come alive and we also come together.
It heals . . . centers . . . opens us up to new possibility.
Just one experience has the power to captivate our heart.
In love, we become her greatest steward and advocate.