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When you engage in environmental volunteer opportunities, you give back to your community – today and into the future.

Volunteer opportunities are currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, our hope is to welcome back volunteers in Summer 2021. 

Volunteering with Nature Collective gives you an up-close-and-personal opportunity to make a difference.

With hands-on projects, you get to experience our lands like never before – and help the community while you’re at it!

habitat restoration cone on a plant

Plant a Difference

When you plant native species or remove invasive species – thus rehabilitating our habitats – you make a difference. We have many volunteer opportunities, and both planting & weeding are crucial ones. Usually our volunteers plant in the winter and weed in the summer.

A Nature Collective biologist oversees the whole process, and you also get a brief nature tour!

Black Sage bushes lining the Santa Inez trailhead

Become a Trail Ambassador

For people who love the outdoors, this volunteer opportunity is perfect!

Have time on weekends for trail volunteering? If you love the outdoors we invite you to join us and inspire everyone to connect with nature.

You can be a voice for the beauty of San Elijo Lagoon. We are looking for volunteer trail ambassadors (ages 16+) to welcome families on Saturday and Sundays (9–11 am) as they visit Annie’s Canyon Trail. Volunteers provide information that highlights unique flora + fauna along the trails – plus provide guidance on how to enjoy our natural world in a sustainable way.

Man sitting on ground planting restorative native plants at San Elijo Lagoon

Are You a Natural Guide at Heart?

If so, you can foster the love of our local wetlands! Each week, you’ll find our volunteer leaders guiding classes on field trips, as well as hosting weekend tours for the whole community.